May 07, 2007

My New Discovery! The Dwiggins' Book Room!!

I came to see the marionettes but discovered so much more! The third floor is home to the Rare Book Library which also includes rooms dedicated to WAD's marionettes, printing press and books. To my great surprise and wonder I stumpled upon a small locked room that was filled with books all designed by WAD! Along with a beautiful couch (I am guessing designed by Dwiggins) and his work desk. Whoo hoo! The librarian had to unlock the door and watch over me in the room. It was a bit ackward and I only managed to take a few (blurry) photographs. I wish I took one of the whole stack but alas…She said I could make an appointment and open the books under supervison in the Rare Book library. I will do this. I am in love.

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