May 07, 2007

A Play: The Princess of Primrose of Shahaban in Persia, a pantomine

(not listed in correct order according to the photos above)
THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES, who introduced the characters
THE RABBIT, who conversed with the Bird
SALURA, attendant to the Princess
BABA, her Afghan hound
UNCLE NURRHEDIN, the magician who created magic episodes
THE MONKEY, who climbed down the magic rope
FEREZ ALI KAHN, the magician's assistant
MASASSI, who carried the magic box
THE METAL DEMON, who rose from the earth
THE ICE DEMON, who came down from the sky
UTOMORO, the warrior who challenged the Demons
ARSAH, the hunter who who would not kill the fawn
THE FAWN, an assumed form of the Goddess of Mercy
KWAN YIN, the Godddess of Mercy

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